No Shock Anti-Static Grooming Spray

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No Shock Anti-Static Grooming Spray will make your life easier!

Recommended by dog and horse groomers alike to control static in dry environments. Works well when sprayed on blankets to prevent static charge and lasts 48 hours. Safe for dogs to lick and economical to use.

It is recommended for coat conditioning instead of silicone which builds up on hair and dries it out making hair brittle and prone to breaking.

Does your horse or dog hate having their blanket removed? Hate being groomed or brushed because of static electricity that builds up? Does dry winter air create a static charge that drives them crazy?

  • Our spray is 100% non-toxic
  • Keeps hair and skin moisture intact in dry winter air and indoors
  • Safe to breathe
  • Will not sting or burn eyes
  • Will not stain or damage fabrics or hair

You can use No Shock 3 ways:

  • No Shock can be applied as needed to brushes before and during brushing & grooming. This prevents natural and synthetic bristles from creating a static charge.
  • Mist directly onto your horse or dog’s body to disarm static charge and to soften and smooth hair. Works great for de tangling tails and manes before brushing through.
  • Mist or spray the inside of the blankets before removing to disarm static created by fleece and nylon liners.

No Shock is very economical to use as one application usually will last several days.

Works very well for horses, dogs and cats. Safe to lick too!  No Shock contains only natural vegetable based moisturizers that draw moisture from the air to the skin and helps to keep the moisture where you need it.

You can also mist your own clothing before grooming to prevent hair from sticking to your clothes. Especially helpful during shedding time!