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Belly Well: Gastric Protectant

Promotes digestive well being

Herbal blend for support and maintenance of healthy digestion.

This blend of herbs can be used to help provide soothing relief to upset stomach and gut as well as supporting normal healthy digestive function. Can be used to help ease loose stool and help increase appetite. Herbs form a mucilaginous gel barrier that coats and helps protect the gut lining.

belly well digestive wellness equinature

No animal products, fillers or by products.

No preservatives, artificial ingredients, colors or flavors. Can be fed 1-2x per day Following is the ingredient list of the herbs and their uses and benefits.

How is this different from our other product called UlcerAid?

Ulcer Aid herbs are cut and sifted, and focus benefits on digestive function and healthy maintenance.

Belly well is a formulation of powdered herbs that when wet form a barrier that coats the stomach lining and helps protect from an overly acidic environment allowing better healing and supporting a healthy function. If desired both UlcerAid and Belly Well can be used together one in AM and one in PM feed.