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Legdown Liniment is an All Natural product that helps increase blood flow.

LegDown leg and muscle toner made from all natural witch hazel and aloe tincture contains powerful herbs to help ease inflammation and stimulate removal of toxins and metabolic waste. Safe under wraps and tack with no blistering. Can be used as a body wash or massage liniment.

Preferred by top grooms on the Eventing show circuit for its quick action. Safe for daily use.


How to choose a liniment

There are many types of liniments on the market today. Mostly liniments are used to increase blood flow to an area that has poor circulation.  They are also used for pain relief and to cool out a horse after a work out. Some liniments are also called braces as they tonify tissues.

A good Liniment should provide these basic features

  • prevent stiffness & soreness after heavy work outs
  •  provide relief from swelling and pain
  • aid in lymph drainage
  • reduce cool out time after a ride or competition
  • be non irritating even with long term use
  • allow coverage with bandages
  • be free of menthol and petroleum products

Lay up time means little movement for your horse...as a result the lymph becomes stagnant and swelling can become chronic. It is very important to continue to wrap and apply liniment to aid proper lymph drainage for your horse. LegDown is specifically formulated to be non-irritating with long term use and it increases the lymphatic flow with stimulating herbs.

Ingredients to look for:

Witch hazel is used to reduce swelling and constrict superficial capillaries and tissues. This makes it a good choice for areas that have swelling and inflammation. In addition we have added are many herbs that topically reduce pain, inflammation and edema. Legdown therefor provides non-irritating relief.

Arnica is a pain relieving ingredient but do not apply Arnica to open wounds. The Arnica in Legdown is made by infusion and is less irritating so it may be applied when there is broken skin or abrasions.

Aloe Vera provides skin and tissue healing, it acts soothing and is non-toxic. When applied to broken skin it helps reduce pain and swelling reducing the sensitivity and trauma to the area quickly and effectively.

Chamomile & Calendula safe for topical use on broken skin aids in healing tissues and pain relief.

Juniper increases and stimulates Lymphatic flow and is astringent.

Ingredients best avoided:

Menthol is used for its cooling action(that tingly sensation). It is best to avoid liniments containing menthol as they can cause irritation or even blisters when applied to frequently or covered with bandages. Menthol draws blood to the area, making it a poor choice for legs that are inflamed or have broken skin, as it can cause more swelling and bleeding of the area. LegDown does not contain menthol.

Capsacin an ingredient used to relieve pain can also be highly irritating and cause blistering.  draws blood to the area and is analgesic. It is found in the oils derived from hot peppers. Best for short term use on unbroken skin. And be sure not to touch anything else…it burns! Capsacin is restricted in racing and other disciplines.

Although these next two ingredients are beneficial  they are restricted substances that will test positive and are restricted in many disciplines.

Methyl salicate  comes from Wintergreen oil and is a topical pain reliever that is not allowed in may competitions...best to know what % is used in your liniment.

Camphor  derived from Rosemary oil is also a pain reliever is on the restricted list for many disciplines.

Ginger applied topically as a pain reliever or stimulant is not allowed in National Horse show and Morgan/Arab competitions and racing.

Lobelia is a potentially toxic herb when ingested. It can be safely used in small doses (particularly homeopathic doses), but moderate-to-large doses being ingested may cause serious side effects, such as profuse sweating, nausea, vomiting,dry mouth, diarrhea, tremors, rapid heartbeat, mental confusion, convulsions, hypothermia, coma, and possibly even death. You should use lobelia only under the supervision of your doctor. In homeopathy, lobelia is used alone or with other products for smoking cessation, muscle relaxation, nausea, vomiting and various respiratory illnesses.