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Healthy Suds Aloe & Tea Tree Shampoo is a 100% Natural

Top Pick by dog and horse professionals, recommended for all types of skin issues on dogs and horses.

Safe for daily use without drying skin or coat. Naturally kills fleas.  Anti fungal-bacterial oils and herbs help skin to heal and pH neutral, which is an important factor in skin health. Organic soap base with no Sodium laurel sulfates or harsh detergents.

The natural moisturizing of Healthy Suds shampoo comes from Honey and Aloe and a vegetable soap base high in palmitic wax. Our body cleanser actually contains over 50% moisturizer! We use concentrated amounts of pure essential oils to ensure a valuable therapeutic effect for each formula.

Did you know that most skin problems occur because the skin’s pH level has been changed? A pH level that is either too high or too low makes the skin more susceptible to chronic skin fungus, and dermatitis. All of the Healthy Suds products are pH balanced.

Our Healthy Suds cleanser comes from a famous organic soap manufacturer, who makes great soaps for people.  We offer a fragrance free formula for cats, dogs and other small furry pets. Our body cleansers contain less than 1% alkali and contain no sodium lauryl sulfates. Alkali salts and lauryl sulfates are a major cause of skin irritation and over drying. They are used to make the product foam and have nothing to do with cleaning power. Rosemary extract is added for natural preservation. This body cleanser is long lasting. Only 2 oz. needed per bath!

  • Rinses clean in one rinse
  • Makes bath time quick and fun
  • Very economical to use
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • pH balanced
  • Supports healthy skin